Sarah Spence named Certified Practising Marketer of the Year 2023

Oh what a night! 

The atmosphere was electric and the crowd buzzing as Australia’s marketing elite gathered for one of the biggest nights of the year: the Australian Marketing Industry (AMI) awards

Held annually, the AMI Awards are the bees-knees for the marketing industry. It’s where Australia’s top marketers come together to connect, celebrate success and (after raising a glass or two) show off their best moves on the dancefloor. Judged by leading industry figures, the awards command an impressive 40+ year reputation and give many emerging marketers a platform to succeed. 

With four finalist nominations, we certainly had our hat in the ring. But we had no idea just how big this night would be for our CEO, Sarah Spence, and our new brand, Content Rebels.


The award that stole the show: CPM of the year

When it comes to the crème de la crème of marketing awards, this is the one you want on your shelf. In fact, AMI confirms that “the Certified Practising Marketer CPM award is the only peak professional benchmark of its kind for Marketers in the Asia-Pacific Region” … It’s kind of a big deal! 

They go on to announce, “The CPM title officially recognises both formal education and the successful application of your marketing knowledge and skills in practice. It is the trust mark of an experienced marketing professional.” Basically #TheBestYouCanGet

It’s no doubt one of the biggest awards on the night, and we were all waiting with equal parts excitement and pee-your-pants anticipation as Simon Cheng, AMI Board Member and Menulog Marketing Director, announced:

“The award for Certified Practising Marketer of the year goes to Sarah Spence, Content Rebels.”

The crowd erupted as Sarah opened her speech with a subtle ChatGPT reference (dig?) that earned an “I like her” and “nailed it” from the back row. 

Her ‘real’ speech unveiled her unique perspective, extensive experience and commitment to the marketing industry:

“This is such a profound honour. To be recognised by our peak industry body feels surreal. This year, our industry has been on a rollercoaster, and it’s no secret that we’re in the middle of a wild ride. I’m so confident about the future though, and this award boosts that confidence even more.

“I’m proud to be part of an industry that has the power to open minds and shape the future. We all need to continue to push the boundaries – crafting and amplifying creative ideas that positively impact our society and its people.

“Being chosen for this accolade is not just an honour for me, personally, but a testament to the journey of everyone who has walked alongside me: my team, my mentors, my peers, my family and, of course, my clients. Without your belief, trust and collaboration, none of what we do would happen.

“In the age of digital disruption, marketing isn’t just about trying to sell stuff anymore. It’s about creating connections, bridging cultures and building communities. In everything I do, I try to remember this: that at the core of every strategy, every campaign, every piece of marketing material we create is a human heart we’re seeking to connect with – a heart that yearns to be seen, heard, and understood.

“And if we all remember that, I think we’ll be ok.”


Content Rebels claim a record number of awards in 2023

This year has been an incredible journey for Content Rebels, formerly Content Copywriting, as we’ve nabbed several finalist positions from the AMI, Content Marketing Institute, Smart50 workplaces, Top50 small business leaders and Australian Small Business Champions.

Last year, we took home the NSW State Winner for Content Marketing, and this year we were honoured to receive four finalist nominations, including:


      • Large Agency of the Year

      • Content Marketing Campaign (Content Rebels and Koala)

      • CPM of the Year – Sarah Spence (WINNER)

      • Future Leader of the Year – Kasey Signall

    With more than a handful of trophies, we definitely walked away from the 2023 AMI awards beaming with pride.

    Image of Sarah Spence and her team with trophies


    So what can we expect from Sarah Spence, our CPM of the Year?

    The future is full of opportunity for Sarah and the Content Rebels team. We’re thrilled to have our new brand out in the world and can’t wait to open minds and shape the future for our peers, clients and students.

    Sarah has launched a Rebels Shop, where you can purchase templates, guides and checklists to help you keep your content marketing consistent. In the next month, there will be courses and workshops available for marketing teams and small business owners alike.

    Keen to follow our journey? Jump onto our socials, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok for all the latest news, or listen to our top tips and insights on the Content Rebels Podcast.

    This is just the beginning …

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