Why I’m in love with ChatGPT

ChatGPT… it feels like it’s all that anyone’s talked about on LinkedIn for the past two months. Am I sick of it yet though? Not at all. 

I did set out wondering whether or not it was maybe the ‘Clubhouse’ of 2023. But after getting an account and having a play, I’m certain it’s not. 

ChatGPT will change the face of our industry – in all the most exciting ways possible. And, from the start of February, it will absolutely be in daily use by our team. Why? Because AI isn’t going to steal our jobs; but people using AI will – and I’m determined for us to be those people. 

In this article, I talk through:

  • our existing journey with AI
  • my instant awe/excitement/hestitancy about ChatGPT
  • the test run that made me fall HARD IN LOVE 
  • how we’re going to be using ChatGPT

‘Old’ AI – too vanilla

We started our journey with AI over two years ago. We dabbled in the basics – automation, predictive writing, research aggregation. But, we pretty quickly realised that none of it was quite up to the task. We did a comprehensive deep-dive into all the AI writing tools and while some of them did some interesting stuff, none of it was worth us using in any way. Even if we paid for it! 

The writing, content and briefing outputs of AI tools (excluding ChatGPT) just simply weren’t worth our time, energy or effort. And that’s the thing – AI is only useful if it saves you time, energy and effort. If it doesn’t, you may as well just get on and do the human-brain work that it takes to do the thing. 

I was so keen for AI to help us shave time from our content production process (10min here, 15min there). I wanted AI to be a tool to help our creatives (our incredible writers and editors) with the heavy brain-load of ‘being creative’ day in, day out. Or to help our Content Managers speed up their research or briefing process. But those tools just simply couldn’t hack it.

But then along came OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Like most people in our industry, I started to hear musings about ChatGPT in December 2022. I was intrigued but, to be honest, it took me a few weeks to jump in. In my defence, I was snowed under by end-of-year content agency madness. But I was also worried. From what I could see, it felt like I wasn’t going to have an agency, let alone a job, within a few months. 

As with pretty much everything in my life, though – as soon as I actually turned my attention to it, it didn’t seem so scary. In fact, the very first ‘chat’ I had with ChatGPT left me floored. Like, jaw actually on the floor/my desk

My first ‘chat’

I asked ChatGPT to write me an article about the 10 most critical skills for a social worker to have in Australia today, and to ask readers to check out postgraduate courses about social work as the call to action. I’d been in a brief for one of our clients, GlobalHealth Education, on that topic earlier in the day and I wanted to see what it could do. And, boy oh boy, I got so excited seeing it write that article in under three seconds.

Cue intense ‘woah this is incredible’ and ‘oh shit, this changes everything’ vibes. 

I began obsessively ‘chatting’ with it – tweaking my requests, dropping in briefs that we’d written for our team, asking it to write headlines, investigating whether it could pull from research sources… the list goes on.  

I was like a woman possessed. And I’m so glad I was. I’ve actually been asked six times already this week what my ‘take’ on ChatGPT is – but I’m so glad I waited until now to reveal that ‘take’. Unlike ChatGPT, I needed time to process the power we now possess in this incredible piece of tech. I needed a family holiday. I needed some decent down time to let my brain percolate it all.

The ‘chat’ that sealed the deal  

Once I was back from holidays, though, it all suddenly made sense. I know exactly how I’m going to leverage ChatGPT to fundamentally elevate what we do for our clients. And it was this ‘chat’ that sealed the deal for me. 

Prior to Christmas we fast-tracked an article for one of our new clients, Afterpay. We’d found a keyword opportunity and wanted to prove our chops to them. Our team pulled out a stunner of an article – expertly smashing the research, briefing, writing, editing and visuals for an article on period swimwear. It nailed the tone of voice and was so engaging I nearly fell off my chair [SIDE BAR: my initial reaction has been proven with an average time on page THREE minutes longer than the site average]. This article is also already the 5th most read article on the site and is ranking for 132 keywords (despite only being targeted on 14) – 53 of those are in the Top 20 positions and 5 in the top 10. And it’s only been live for 1.5 months.  

Ok – back on track with this story.  

When I got back to work after the break, I thought back to what I considered to be our very best piece of content from the past month. We produced ~200 content items every month, but it was pretty easy to pick this one out of the bunch.  

Here’s where it got interesting… 

I took the brief and background that we gave to our writers and asked ChatGPT to write it for me. I also asked ChatGPT to write me the headline too (for some reason, when ChatGPT writes articles it doesn’t include headings/sub-headings).  

I’ll let the results speak for themselves (these are just the headlines/intros btw – scroll down to the bottom of the page for the full articles).

ChatGPT’s version

Our version

ChatGPT+Human Brains = EVERYTHING

Can you see why I got excited? If not, let me break it down for you.

  1. ChatGPT’s version is pants 
  2. Our version ROCKS! 
  3. ChatGPT’s version (or as we’re now calling it – ‘base draft’) has the potential to cut up to 1-4hrs from every piece of content we create

Why? ChatGPT puts together a base draft in less than 10 seconds for pretty much anything you ask it. That’s pretty incredible. Sometimes it can take our Content Writers up to one hour just to start putting pen to paper (Blank Page Syndrome is real!). Our human brains need that time to synethise the information from the research and a brief, before putting it into a readable structure. 

Likewise, it takes our Content Managers a minimum of 45mins to create a brief, even for a topic they’re personally knowledgeable about. ChatGPT can do it in less time than it takes to check your phone. 

That’s why I’m excited. ChatGPT is fast and it can do quite a bit of what our beautiful team does. But! Importantly! It can’t do everything. 

  • It can’t take unique insight from an interview and turn it into something engaging for the audience. 
  • It can’t write an article that will resonate deeply with a reader. 
  • It can’t find and synthesise recent, peer-reviewed medical research and then incorporate interesting insights. 
  • It can’t consider the ecosystem in which the content will be published. 
  • It can’t understand an instruction to incorporate a keyword phrase. 
  • It can’t fact-check itself. 

Together, our team’s brains and ChatGPT are going to be a formidable force. 

From February 2023, we’re going to be implementing ChatGPT into our processes at the briefing and writing stages.

We’re going to be training our team up in its potential and then handing over the reins to them – allowing them to choose when and where to use it. The goal? Leverage ChatGPT to save time, energy and effort. After all, that’s exactly what AI is meant to do!  

And what will this mean for our clients? It’ll mean faster production times, more content and elevated creativity (thanks to our creatives not getting creative-brain-tired as much). Happy days!

ChatGPT’s full version

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Our full version

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Created by Content Rebels, published on Afterpay’s The Loop

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