Sarah Spence

An inspirational leader who’s changing the digital marketing industry for the better


As the founder and CEO of Australia’s fastest-growing content marketing agency, Content Rebels, Sarah Spence is a driving force in the digital marketing world. Her unique perspective as a neurodivergent leader, entrepreneur and strategist gives her an unparalleled advantage in the digital space, resulting in an impressive track record of success and company culture. 

Drawing on her extensive experience in the industry, as well as her innate ability to see things from a different angle, Sarah has built a reputation for delivering truly innovative and creative solutions that get results.

Whether it’s developing groundbreaking content strategies, forging powerful partnerships, or leading a team of dedicated professionals, Sarah approaches everything she does with an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

In September 2023, Sarah made the bold move to change our company name from industry-recognised Content Copywriting to Content Rebels, a name that embraces the dynamic ways we’re changing the industry and is better suited to the broad range of services we provide. As a company, we’ve always been ahead of our peers when it comes to innovation and strategy, and our capabilities cover much more than just content and copywriting. We are now a full-service digital content marketing agency that can provide uncapped potential for clients. 

Sarah’s very involved in strategy at Content Rebels and all of our clients benefit from her industry expertise. She also offers one-on-one training, team coaching and daily workshops for in-house teams, Senior Leadership teams and C-suite Executives, to help companies make the most of their content marketing opportunities. 

If you’re looking for a visionary leader who can help take your brand to the next level, look no further than Sarah and her dynamic team at Content Rebels. Together, they’re changing the game in the world of content marketing.

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