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Commanding attention with rebellious curiosity and out of the box thinking

Want to work with a team that’s hell-bent on bringing big ideas to life and challenging industry norms? A team that’ll propel your brand ahead of your competition and drive thought leadership? Well huzzah! You’ve found us. We’re here to help you navigate the complex world of content marketing with ease and get you a little street cred while we’re at it.


Founder & CEO

After founding Content Copywriting in 2012, Sarah has taken the business from strength to strength, unlocking the power of content marketing for some of Australia’s favourite brands. 

A proud ambassador for neurodiversity, Sarah’s ADHD superpower is key to her success, enabling her to think differently and fast-track innovative ideas.

Embracing her rebellious curiosity, Sarah rebranded to Content Rebels in 2023, a choice that defines the impact and change she brings to an ever-evolving industry. 

Her exceptional leadership and strategic acumen inspire our team to deliver outstanding results and create memorable client experiences.

We’re beyond proud that Sarah was named as the Certified Practicing Marketer of the Year by the Australian Institute of Marketing in 2023.

Kasey Signall

Chief Operating Officer

Kasey leads our team with her extensive experience in content production, project management, communication and administration.

Known as our organisational unicorn, Kasey’s commitment to her team and her clients is unwavering, fostering an inclusive culture of collaboration, excellence and achievement.

A pragmatic solution provider and strong leader, Kasey leads the financial strategy for our business and is our go-to for support and guidance. 

We’re very proud Kasey was a finalist in the prestigious Australian Marketing Awards for Future Leader of the Year 2023.

Sophie Siclari

Sophie Siclari

Creative Director

Melinda Edwards

Melinda Edwards

Senior Content Manager

Jac Amoroso



Leigh Robshaw

Leigh Robshaw

Content Manager

Jemma Pearson

Jemma Pearson

Content Manager




We take our ideas to new places. We question traditional ways of doing things and are brave enough to create change when necessary. We embrace quirks and differences and use them as a strength.


We create beautifully crafted content which is informed by research and inspired by strategy. We are naturally intuitive and adaptable and quickly understand our clients needs. We are thought leaders in our industry.


Our passion for what we do is inspiring to be around. We are confident, warm and self-assured leaders. Our clients feel seen by us and we actively listen and understand their needs.


We are consistent in delivering value at every step of the process. We care about what we do and who we do it with. Clients respond to us because we believe in hard work and operate

Mission Statement

We believe in the power of content to open minds and shape the future – one story, one article, one podcast, and even one post at a time.

We believe in its influence to build better businesses and forge new paths for people to find the answers they seek.

We’re here for all the people – ours, theirs and yours. We’re here to connect our clients to their audience – the curious and the keen, the interested and interesting, the misfits and the outliers, the divergent, the brave and the beautiful.

We show up to life with fierce hearts, curious minds, big ideas and open hands, ready to make and create for impact and results.

We are rebels with a cause, courageous enough to embrace innovation and challenge the status quo – especially our own.

We are writing the blueprint for the next generation of marketing agency – one that is at the frontier of the ideas economy AND cares about its impact on people and the planet.

We’re Content Rebels – creating brave ideas for bold brands.

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