Are you ready for the new AI-powered Google?

Here's what you need to know


Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) will be hitting Australian shores in the not-too-distant future. It will be the
biggest disrupter in search history, since Google itself launched. And, if you don’t start getting ready now, the impact on your
website traffic and online brand visibility could be immense.

What's in the SGE-Readiness eBook?

  • Why Search Generative Experience is the next frontier in the search revolution (Giddy up!)
  • What is Search Generative Experience? 
  • How will SGE actually change search?
  • Why SGE is the game-changer you need to pay attention to
  • SGE-Readiness Checklist – How ready is your brand?

What is 'Search Generative Experience'?

SGE stands for Search Generative Experience and Google explains it as: 

“an early step in transforming the Search experience with generative AI. When using SGE, people will notice their search results page with familiar web results, organised in a new way, to help them get more from a single search.” 

What that actually means is that soon we’ll be using Google like we use ChatGPT. And, it’s going to change everything. 

We humans will no longer just type short keyword phrases into Google. We’ll be encouraged to ask it questions because it will be responding in answers – as opposed to making us choose from a selection of search results. 

Soon after Google first launched, we all became very comfortable with using keywords to search. We’ll see the same speedy shift here – from keyword to question/phrase-based searching. 

SGE is changing the way Google works

Why should you care?

For YEARS Google has banged on about E-E-A-T and creating content for humans first, Google bots second. 

With every update, they’ve been getting smarter and smarter at identifying content that isn’t created for humans first. And, at identifying websites that use black hat techniques to game the algorithm. These updates are all squarely focused on trying to make the search experience better for the humans actually doing the searching, not on rewarding websites that are doing the wrong thing. 

But, to be honest, they’ve not always got it right. 

Well, that will all change with SGE. Only websites and content that have been created for humans first will win in this new search space. So, if you’ve been publishing algorithm-gaming content, you need to switch strategies NOW. 

How do you know if you're SGE ready?

Thankfully, there are some clear steps you can take to check if your brand and website are SGE ready. We’ve developed a 10-point SGE-Readiness Checklist, which you’ll find in our eBook. 

Grab your marketing, content and design teams and check whether you satisfy these 10 readiness points. Some may be simple fixes – such as ensuring your website is responsive. Others may need more work (and time) to get right – such as recreating your existing content to ensure it’s authoritative, valuable and expert-led, and updating all your future (organic and paid) marketing strategies so they satisfy SGE guidelines.  

This is exactly why you need to start planning for SGE now. Trying to change course once this tech lands on Australian devices will be too late. 

What is Google SGE