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Custom Reporting

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Want to create compelling, reader-friendly reports like Western Sydney Airport?

The Challenge

Western Sydney Airport will be Sydney’s second international airport, designed to be open 24 hours and with curfew-free operations. Currently under construction, it’s expected to open December 2026.

Every year Western Sydney Airport is required to publish an Annual Report and Corporate Plan detailing their progress and status.


For 2020, they were determined to release an Annual Report and Corporate Plan that were more concise, easier to read, and more accessible to the community, while still meeting regulatory guidelines.

Our Approach

The first step was to determine Western Sydney Airport’s requirements, and in particular their ideal tone of voice. Connecting with their senior team, we assessed their needs and provided recommendations. We then narrowed down the potential options until we identified the perfect voice and the best approach for their target audience.


Next, we assembled a specialist copywriting team who went through the core materials from each of Western Sydney Airport’s business units, dissecting the copy and rewriting it into a 94 page document that would become the first draft of the Annual Report.


This draft was assessed by the Board, revised based on their feedback, and then proofread and finalised for design.

Simultaneously we worked on the Corporate Plan, again pulling information together from across Western Sydney Airport’s teams, and drafting a document tailored to their requirements and intended readership.

The Results

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Our work in the wild

“Put simply, working with Sarah was a logical, worthwhile, thought-provoking and overall brilliant experience. She has an intimate knowledge of SEO best-practice and is able to translate this into high quality content that works well with design and other website functionality. I wouldn’t hesitate running another project via Content Copywriting and recommending them/her to my network for similar projects.”

Duncan Khoury

Head of Marketing – Octet