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Want to grow your organic traffic like Octet?

The Challenge

Octet is a premier financial services firm, offering debtor and trade finance, supplier payment, and receivable financing solutions across Australia and 67 other countries. It's safe to say they know what they're doing when it comes to all things finance! 


While they were successfully facilitating over $2bn in supply chain transactions annually, and a membership portfolio of 100,000+, they knew they still had plenty of room to grow.


They were also concerned their website didn’t have a clear audience, and didn’t accurately reflect their brand. We see this often when companies have multiple focus areas and the messaging can get diluted.


In 2019, Octet approached us for help in relaunching their website, improving their organic visibility and increasing their search engine ranking.

Our Approach

We started off by conducting in-depth SEO keyword research and competitor analysis. This allowed us to determine what keyword phrases Octet’s competitors were ranking for, as well as what keyword gaps and opportunities were available.


With this research in hand we then devised a tailormade SEO Keyword Strategy, targeting non-branded keyword phrases with lower volumes but less competition.


Combining this with a custom Content Marketing Strategy that focused on creating great content from Octet’s unique values and capabilities, we crafted an overall plan that would boost Octet’s organic keyword rankings to #1 across a wide range of valuable keywords.


Throughout it all we kept engaged with Octet’s Marketing and Digital teams, allowing them to stay connected and confident in the new website’s design, layout, and information architecture.

The Results

The benefits of an ongoing SEO strategy

Working capital solutions are dynamic, and so must be their content strategy. We’ve worked closely with the Octet team to ensure the work we’re doing is aligned with their business needs and audience needs. This includes custom editorial requirements and innovative new ideas.


The key to a successful SEO campaign is to continually optimise your SEO strategy, remain consistent with your content marketing and always adopt a strong content amplification strategy. It’s this content philosophy that’s allowed us to power Octet to new heights year on year.


A content win for working capital solutions

Our content strategy with Octet has clear objectives to capture [and maintain] the attention of their target audience through strategically placed content. It’s more than just a bunch of keywords at play here – our out-of-the-box content ideas are giving Octet a platform to build thought leadership, brand awareness and targeted marketing opportunities.


Our video case studies engage Octet’s audience with compelling success stories to complement our editorial work, giving users different platforms to interact with the fabulous work Octet do. It’s this type of content amplification that propels an SEO strategy and delivers strong results!

Our work in the wild

“Put simply, working with Sarah was a logical, worthwhile, thought-provoking and overall brilliant experience. She has an intimate knowledge of SEO best-practice and is able to translate this into high quality content that works well with design and other website functionality. I wouldn’t hesitate running another project via Content Copywriting and recommending them/her to my network for similar projects.”

Duncan Khoury

Head of Marketing – Octet